Alienware 18 in dual review for laptop

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Today, we have two video laptop reviews for our readers to take a look at for the Alienware 18. This gaming laptop certainly fits what most people want in this sector, in terms of external design anyway.

The first video reveals a 16-minute hands-on with Alienware’s 18.4-inch gaming laptop that has a retail price starting at $2,100, but can top $5,000 if you add many of the extra features. The configuration reviewed cost $2,400 and comes with a dual NVIDIA GTX 770M graphics cards in SLI, Intel Haswell i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz quad core CPU, Bluetooth 4.0, dual band WiFi 802.11ac, DVD burner, and a lot more.

You will also find SSD options if this is something you are after, although at an extra cost of course. You will need to add a lot of extras to top the $5,000 mark, but at least it is there for those with both the money and need for such specs.

Watch the first Alienware 18 gaming review below, or take a look at the second hands-on review below as well thanks to YouTube user arcade15. After watching both reviews, we’d love to know your thoughts on this gaming laptop and if the Alienware 18 is ideal for you. Those of our readers about to purchase the laptop, please leave a comment with the configuration you selected.

Alienware 18 in dual review for laptop
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    There has been a lot of issues reported online regarding fan tables, overclocking and such. Though this is from what I have found with the i7-4800MQ. Any thoughts about these issues regarding the i7-4700MQ?