Asus Chromebook C200, C300 Chromebox price connection

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Asus is all set to launch two new laptops, these are to include the Asus Chromebook C200 and the C300 – but are they too late in the world of Chromebooks?

The Asus C200 is expected to have a display size of 11.6-inches and the C300 will have a 13-inch screen according to VR-Zone.

It is common knowledge that Asus will not be the first to enter the Chromebook world, the likes of HP, Toshiba, Samsung and Lenovo already offer them, and so this does make Asus latecomers.

A new product called the Asus Chromebox, which is a little desktop computer has been designed to run Chrome OS, and is apparently going to be launched in March for the US market. We cannot seem to find anything on the connection with the Chromebox price and specs that can give us any clues about the Asus C200 and C300; normally clues arise when a new product comes to light.

The Asus Chromebox will start at $179, we need to wait and see if pricing for the C200 and C300 will be anywhere close to this.

Asus Chromebook C200, C300 Chromebox price connection