MacBook Air 2014 redesign and rumours continue

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The Apple MacBook Air 2014 is bringing a lot of anticipation of how it will look and what the new design will be, rumours have also included Retina display panel with IGZO as well as new Quantum dots to improve the display.

New technologies’ will be included in the MacBook Air this year, it will not be a refresh but something completely different, and this is the hope because a refresh will not cut it.

The anticipated 2014 MacBook Air will come with Retina display to provide high-resolution viewing pleasure, but this will not do and new reports via Cnet suggest that the new Apple laptop could come with new quantum dots as the next phase for Retina display.

Quantum dots are said to enhance the colours so that consumers see a greater degree of accuracy, in simple terms this means that the quantum dots will provide very small nanocrystals that produce light at precise wavelengths and it is this combination that provides more colour accurately and efficiently.

The 2014 MacBook Air could come with a 12-inch IGZO display featuring 4G LTE connectivity under the hood, Apple’s tablets already have IGZO on board so it makes sense to add this to its new MacBook Air this year.

More will be revealed at WWDC in June – What are you expecting with the new Apple MacBook Air this year? If Apple does decide to use IGZO this means the MacBook will be lighter and much thinner, which means they could redesign its look.

MacBook Air 2014 redesign and rumours continue