XO-infinity modular laptop with 5 mod parts

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There are millions of laptops out there on the market with highly technical parts within just to make work, so how does the XO-infinity modular laptop with 5 mod parts sound to you? Even better than that is the fact a four-year-old can assemble it on their own with ease.

Do you remember the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project? Well, the XO-Infinity modular laptop is on the same path to help children just like OLPC. It is on the basis where small parts, affordability, easy to assemble, and where low power joins forces to create something worth sitting up and taking notice for.

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A modular laptop has to be just that, a few modules to make a laptop function like an ordinary one. With the XO-infinity modular laptop it has 5 modules to make it function like a whole computer. The modules include the core, battery, screen, camera and wireless, which conform to open standards.

The XO-infinity is all about empowering a child, something they can grasp and build as well as using it as a laptop and a tablet. Offer one child one laptop ‘the XO-Infinity modular laptop’ and that is all they need. They keep the same laptop and just replace modules when they are upgraded.

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Maybe one day hopefully sooner rather than later most primary schools will have XO-Infinity modular laptops. Concept stage process is over and the design is well in progress, the electronics prototyping is being developed at this given time. A fully functional prototype will be finished soon and then it will be time for a crowdfunding launch later in 2015. Get updates on this laptop here.

What are your views on the XO-Infinity modular laptop?

XO-infinity modular laptop with 5 mod parts
  • Chad

    A NGO with less than twenty employees and no hardware or software engineers is going to do this?

    At the risk of sounding jaded, One Education has not even figured out how to get both cores on their two year old laptop purchased from OLPC running correctly.